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Minggu, 12 Januari 2014

6 Places Tourism in Thailand

6 Places Tourism in Thailand

1 . Beach Phuket
Phuket beach is a crowded place to be a tourist place , because this place is one of the main tourist destinations beginning to please him .
2 . Phang Nga Bay Island
The island is beautiful and pretty this is yan island once used as a place that is used for the manufacture of a James Bond movie players because the island is so amazing denagn beauty of this island so nicknamed James Bond Island .
3 . Ko Phi Phi
Ko Phi Phi is a very beautiful tourist spots in Thailand , although small pulauya but many tourists who want to enjoy its beauty .
4 . Beach Raily
This beach can uneaten using water transport because the place is far away and apart from the land. But when we came in and got there , pal definitely will not feel tired because replaced with beautiful beaches .
5 . Grand Palace
This place is a palace of the royal family during the former , but now it is not occupied yet still be a place for pertunjukkkan or tourist spot for those who want to know its history .
6 . Chiang May
This place is a resting place when we have to travel very far and traveled around all the time , because here are many massage parlors that offer traditional massage Tahiland , tired and sore guaranteed flavor will be lost .
Tourist Places in Thailand so that we postingkan , may be useful .